TSS Strategy

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess! – Ronald Coase

We believe in strategies based on Market observations backed by data. This Strategy is built on top of Near Expiry range analysis of Nifty.

Are you someone who is trading straddles and strangles and find manual strike adjustments very time consuming? Is strike adjustment the only way to be profitable over the long term? MarketScanner brings you a new TSS options trading strategy that requires no manual adjustment.

Webinar Contents

  • How to make a trading strategy?
  • A Complete Rule based options strategy
  • Defined risk in terms of stop-loss
  • Strategy backtested through various Bull and Bear Market cycles
  • Strategy Forward tested for last 4 months
  • Consistently profitable QOQ
  • How new Margin rules will affect the returns?

Backtested Results

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