Learn to trade option strategies in a unique way

The new margin system is one of the most revolutionary changes in Indian derivative space. The margins for hedged positions have reduced drastically and now is the best time to learn how to utilize your whole margin and improve your ROI. Market Scanner in association with Brightstar-Research and mastertrust is bringing you series of webinars teaching these option strategies and trading systems using options strategy charts.

Webinar Contents:

1. Trading Straddles and Strangles
2. Launching custom instrument charts – plotting straddle and strangle charts
3. AFL strategies to plot on straddle strangle charts
4. Learn 3 unique trading systems on straddle and strangle strategy:
o Trend Following
o Mean Reversion
o Scalping

Trading Straddles has been one of the game-changers to retail participants . We are also sharing one systematic (static) strategy to build our ground for a more dynamic strategy. (Note : Capital 2,00,000 and it’s intraday, slippage : 2%)

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