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As you all Know him – Kirubakaran Rajendran, :
There are few blogs in Indian Trading community who does excellent job in helping the retail traders to be at par with institutional players and is up there. Kirubakaran Rajendran (Twitter : @kirubaakaran)  who is the founder of the blog has uncanny habit of finding patterns in winning stocks and index. He has been featured on moneycontrol and where he discuss about his journey 

My exposure to his blog started when I read one of his post on He has written more than 700 articles and have garnered more than 5 million views.  The articles opened my vision about rule base trading and its benefits moreover  the name of Blog stuck with me. It made me think finally a person is thinking about squaring off and make profit or loss. Most of the investor or traders always keep their positions open. I started following his blog and read all the articles. The one that had the most impact on my psychology was story of Milo.

Beside excellent investment as well as trading related article , specializes on Trading and Investing Bots. This bots does most of the heavy lifting of data handling, strategy rules , execution the only input from your will be what capital to deploy and what risk you are comfortable with.

I have tested and traded with almost all bots from but my favourite is Golden Ratio Bank Nifty Future Intraday. It’s the one I trade for my personal account as well. This bot is unique in a way as it is purely intraday and take position only in Bank Nifty and that too on very few days when the market shows big movements and keep you outside of the market for about 12-15 days. 

Vishal Mehta, CMT

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