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Chartink is a great tool for scanning stocks which fits your way of trading and investments. But trading is not just trading but also being ahead of others in terms of decision making and execution.

Chartink gives SMS and Email notification alerts for your scanner if you are a paid customer but as we all know all of our SMS and Email boxes are continuously bombarded with junks, so keeping a notification on for either of them means 99% of junk notifications along with the 1% that you actually need. This is not good for real traders during market hours.

To make it simple we are gonna show you how to receive these notifications directly to your Telegram group so that you only get notified for what you need. The following steps will help you through the process:

Step 1: Open your favourite ChartInk scanner. For example, let’s take 5 year high with a volume scanner.

Once you click on the above button called “Crete Alert”, you will see the below form where you have to provide a webhook url.

Step 2: We’ll come back here but before that we have some work to do. Let’s create an API endpoint which can receive these alerts using API Gateway and AWS Lambda in minutes.

Go to your AWS account and create a Lambda function.

Give it a nice name and choose a language of your choice. We love Python, so we work with Python.

Voila, your AWS Lambda function is ready and now you can write your own conditions and logic directly in the code editor by Lambda itself, no additional setup needed. Magic of server-less technology.

Note: Add your own chat_id and bot_token where you want to receive the alerts. Make sure you change the scan_url in the condition highlighted to receive alerts only for that particular scan.

Step 3: Create an API Endpoint with the help of AWS’s API Gateway and let the Lambda do the job in the background.

  1. Go to API Gateway
  2. Click on Create API
  3. Choose the API Type(Of course you can build Web Socket APIs as well). We choose HTTP API and click on Build

4. Click on Add Integration and choose your previously created Lambda.

5. Configure routes, Best to keep it as a POST request and resource path as ‘/’. Integration target is already selected as the lambda method we chose in previous steps.

6. Click on next, no further configuration needed and there you go, API Gateway gives you an https API endpoint ready to be consumed. Here is what it looks like:


Step 4: Let’s go back to Step 1 and paste this url in the webhook url text box of chartink and click on Save Alert.

Here is how you will be receiving your alerts in your telegram.

Amazing, isn’t it. No more limitations on receiving the SMS and Email Alerts for your scanner and also away from the junk of the same. Totally curated straight to your telegram. Technology can help you from being a good trader to very good productive informed trader to stay ahead in the race.

If you are looking for any help doing the similar setup. You can reach out to Sumit on his email or you can fill out this google form to get consulting for automating your trading signals.

That’s it for today.

Stay Tuned!

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  • Sir i dont know software, but i knpw power of software
    I want to get alert from chartink to telegram in table formate as shown in chartink
    Pl help me how i can do

    Kishor bhole

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