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SEBI allowed algorithmic trading only in 2008, but now algorithm controls nearly a third of all trades in Indian exchanges. This shows power & adoption of algorithmic trading in India.

A Visionary Founder

I remember attending Rajendran’s Amibroker Webinar in Suba international in 2011. During the break, group of traders surrounded one guy and all glued to his mobile screen and he was showing them his pet project called as Optionstracker and I found that idea ahead of its time. That’s how I met Umesh Ranglani (CEO and Founder

Over period of time we interacted few times. We met up briefly again Algo Conference in 2019 and subsequently at one of CFA conferences where he discussed what he has been working for more than a year. We talked about the pain that algo traders face like backtesting, finding good execution platform, lack of coding experience of many traders, very high cost for setting algo desk, no solution on web to execute and I could see a smile on his face and once I finished talking he just said we have worked to solve all your problems 😊 .

Journey of Tradetron

I remember being one of the first beta users to now seeing exponential growth (As we say 3rd of 3rd in Elliott Wave) is phenomenal. The product has now built entire ecosystem for algo traders. Starting with Paper trading account to have 15 Indian brokers, 2 International brokers, 9 Forex brokers. Connecting to NSE, MCX & NASDAQ. Its now one of the most talked about platform for algo trading on Twitter and Whatsapp group.

Ecosystem for Algo Traders

 Lets think in terms of who all contributes to entire ecosystem for algo:

1) Brokers 2) Strategy Creators  3) Investors

1) Brokers: Tradetron already has all the big online brokers starting from Zerodha, Fyers, Mastertrust,etc. You can find all the brokers with whom they are connected. It is built on Open architecture and hence can connect to any brokers with REST API available with them.

2) Strategy Developers: As strategy developer what is best part is that I don’t need to learn complicated coding language and that’s what I think is the biggest USP for tradetron. You can actually fire orders in options based on technical parameters like RSI, Bollinger Bands etc. Once you have robust strategies you can put up in marketplace for traders to subscribe. Also manage the billing cycle of traders.

3) Investors : Traders are always in hunt for new strategies and tradetron marketplace helps you to do exactly the same. It helps you find strategies based on criteria like exchanges, instruments, style of algo and capital required. You can subscribe to the strategies and paper trade for a while before you can go live. This also helps you build confidence in the strategy. You can play around with leverage so if you are comfortable with risk then you can increase or decrease leverage with just a click of button and also provide module to discuss with strategy developers.


As we say, teach a man how to catch a fish and you feed him for lifetime and that seems to be motto of tradetron. There is continuous education imparted by Tradetron team every friday. There is one new strategy discussed and how you can do it yourself.

Types of Execution

You can execute the transaction in paper trading account (virtual trading), One click Trade where you will be notified by phone or email to execute the trade by logging in website or fully automated. Execution is the most important of component of profitable strategies but it also has many dependencies like data vendors, broker API, clients own margin and system itself.

Investment: There are various options for you to subscribe. If you are beginner start with Retail or Retail+ to get the best out of your strategies.

What we get out of this review

Sticking to our motto of Marketscanner to guide you through some of the best platform we believe will help you in your trading journey. Yes we have our own skin in the game with tradetron and if you are not a subscriber to this future platform, you can subscribe to it using this link.

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  • tradetron is not usefull if you build strategy and want to backtest.Any trader want to backtest his strategy to check,but this tradetron takes 10-12 days to backtest 1 strategy

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