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“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” – Winston Churchill


Every professional such as Doctor, Engineer, Scientists need years of education and practice to become a master in their respective field. But many think trading & investing is easy. You open a trading account with broker, fund your account with your hard earned savings and you become an investor or a trader. The truth is far from it. In fact, Trading and investing are the most difficult professions to master. The reason for this is because in trading you have to unlearn a lot of things that you have been trained throughout your life. 

Meeting the Founder

I met Prateek Singh at Algo Convention arranged by Sourabh Lohiya  in December of 2018 in Delhi. I had already heard a lot about Learnapp and found their website really cool but never met the founder or anyone from the team. As the convention started, I was shocked to see Prateek Singh coming on podium.

He at that point was very young 😃 and super dynamic and talked about education for traders. His passion about education was clearly visible in his talk. After the convention, we talked about how education in Trading industry is and what he wanted to change. 

How Learnapp changed the Trading/Investing Education Industry?

Ok, let me ask you a simple question. What would you give to learn about investing from Mr. Utpal Sheth (CEO, Rare Enterprises), Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal (CEO, Motilal Oswal), Mr. Atul Suri (CIO, Marathon Trends) or learn about trading from Mr. Kirubakaran (Founder of, Mr. Saurabh Lohiya (Founder Algoji) , Mr. Jegan (Founder , CapitalZone) , Mr. Aseem Singhal (Head Trader, Rain Fund) and many other industry stalwarts.

If you ask me personally, I would have definitely given a good chunk of money just to sit next to them and learn from them. Even though, we had that amount of money and wanted to learn from them, it would be beyond reach of us many and that’s the change Learnapp brought. Today I can sit in my home and learn from these real investors and traders through Learnapp. 

What is different about Learnapp?

When I first shot my first course about Intraday Mean Reversion Strategy on Learnapp, I immediately realized what is the difference. Firstly, there was a lot of background work that went in. Prateek and team researched many minor details which I would have completely missed if I was teaching on a webinar.

These minor details were making sure that the concepts that are discussed in the course not only makes a beginner understand the basic concepts like Shorting, Squaring off, Risk to Reward Ratio and other basic terms well, but also helped experienced traders gain confidence on complex strategy statistics like MAE(Maximum Adverse Excursion), MFE, Drawdown etc. 

There is a super active Telegram community, where all the students discuss about trading strategies taught on Learnapp. They discuss what’s going wrong and what’s going right, which in my view helps a beginner a lot on where to go once you buy the subscription.

What I love most about Learnapp?

Its team and their never ending thrust to produce super quality content on the platform. I have personally met most of them and they all carry the same enthusiasm to produce super quality content.  Prateek, Ankush, Swati, Pulkit, Anish and many others working behind the scene tirelessly to bring the best quality content at an affordable price. 

Learnapp recently launched Advanced courses which is based on a Doer Model where traders teach more advance topics like Backtesting a trading strategy.

Learnapp is on a mission to empower you with knowledge which will empower you to become well rounded personality. It has courses on Entrepreneurship, communications, Marketing besides trading and investing. 

What’s in it for me?

I have personally made 3 courses on Learnapp:

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Intraday Mean Reversion Strategy
  3. Intraday Option Buying Strategy (Coming soon…)

We, at Marketscanner believe in guiding you to right education, right tool, right systems in this complex financial markets. 

If you think Learnapp can help, you can signup using this link which will also earn us some brownie points. 

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