Marketscanner.in was founded in 2019. We as traders & Investors are in the best situation to benefit from the economy & businesses. Having said that the winning percentage of traders is very small. There are many reasons for the same. There is a lack of information, tools, knowledge, method, mindset, or money management. The Internet has made access to information very easy but has also brought lots of confusion in the mind of traders. We as traders were always asked questions about the Right tools, Right books, Right mentors, Right Methods, etc. We saw that there is a gap that we can fill.


Vishal Mehta is a full-time independent trader. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) from USA and Co-Chair for Mumbai Chapter for CMT. He started as a discretionary trader. Seeing the benefit of systematic trading and growth in automated trading, he started focusing on systematic strategies.

Vishal has worked with all the leading financial services providers in India and globally likes Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Spider Software, and Reliable Software & Financial Technologies. He also achieved a unique feat of training on Technical Analysis major central banks in South Asia likes of Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, and India. He was featured on Moneycontrol and shared his journey as a trader. He has done various seminars on extending the education of technical analysis, systematic trading, and automated trading.

Marketing Lead

Tushar Wasake is an Instrumentation engineer who strongly believes automation is the future and he loves to grow businesses that carry similar goals also loves coding and aspire to become Algo Trader.

Chief Market Strategist

Tanmay is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in multiple Big 4 organizations like EY & Deloitte. He is a full-time trader trading through systems. Having a deep passion for the markets, he is mainly into building robust trading strategies. He believes in the power of data and thus likes to analyze it with help of Python to find anomalies. Tanmay always likes to question everything happening in the market and tries to validate it through backtesting which helps him to find out what works and what doesn’t work in the market. He has been a trainer too, and always tries to help the trading community as much as possible.


Akshay Satpaise is an Electrical Engineer who loves data crunching. He has interests in personal finance, the stock market, and data analysis. His mission is to understand how the financial system of the world works. He loves writing meaningful content and aspires to become a full-time trader.

Risk Management Expert

Kapil Agarwal is a professionally qualified computer science engineer. He has been passionately active in the stock markets for the last 5 years and is a full-time trader specializing in systematic trading.

Kapil is an expert in risk management. He manages a portfolio of diversified strategies for the organisation. He’s also an active arm in the planning of future strategies and training modules for MarketScanner. Vishal Mehta, CMT has been no less than a guru and guide along his trading journey.