Buying Option Strategy (BOS) Webinar

Buying Options is considered the most difficult thing in options as one has to fight against two major factors – Market Direction and Time Decay. You, as a trader have to get the direction right as well as hope that there is a swift move as soon as you are long on a trade to avoid any time decay that may occur.

MarketScanner always looks for good quantifiable opportunities in the Market. We have now come up with an option buying system(BOS) that has a good edge in the markets.

Webinar Date and Time: 30th May’21 at 11:00AM to 01:00PM

Webinar Fee: Rs. 7500

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Q. What is BOS ?

A. BOS (Buying option Strategy) is an option buying strategy.

Q. Is it intraday or positional ?

A. It is purely an intraday option buying strategy.

Q. What is the minimum capital required to run this strategy?

A. Minimum capital required to run this strategy is Rs. 50,000.

Q. What is the Drawdown ?

A. Drawdown for our strategy is 600 points or Rs. 15,000 which comes around 37% of the capital deployed.

Q. What is the instrument that is traded?

A. Bank Nifty options.

Q. Is it weekly or monthly ?

A. It’s a weekly bank nifty option strategy.

Q. What is slippage,brokerage and other transaction charges in this strategy?

A. We have considered 2% for slippage,brokerage and other transaction charges.

Q. Do I need to be in front of the screen to execute this strategy or can I automate this ?

A. This strategy requires screen time as it involves trailing the profit’s, The good news is this strategy is completely rule based hence you can automate it.

Q. Would you help us to automate this strategy ?

A. Yes we have automated this strategy on our platform 

Q. What tools would I need if I manually trade this strategy ?

A. Although we highly recommend for automation of this strategy if you need to manually need it then you can use any charting platform and option chain provided by broker 

Q. What if I forgot to execute the trade as per the rules ?

A. As a system trader you should ideally take all the trades and if you missed don’t chase the trade look for the opportunity one the signal came again.

Q. What is the maximum number of entries in a day ?

A. Maximum of 2 entries shall be taken in a day.

Q. Do I need to learn any complex option greek or technical indicators for this strategy ?

A. You aren’t required to learn any complex option greeks ,we have used only one technical analysis indicator.

Q. Will you teach any compounding method?

A. In previous webinars, we received many requests to teach compounding techniques like Martingle and Anti-Martingle. We will teach you one such systematic compounding technique called anti-martingale which shows how it gets scaled to 2.4Crs. (Please don’t assume this as a get rich quick scheme, we just want to teach you the power of compounding and discipline)

Q. Has this strategy been traded live ?

A. No, We believe in trading the strategy along with the webinar participants.

Q. Can it be used in Nifty rather than BNF ?

A. When you develop a system, understand the characteristics of strategy and instrument. BNF is more trending than Nifty as it encompasses only banking stocks. Having said that, you can apply for NF but do a back test before trading.

Q. Can I run the same strategy on stock options?

A : As we are running these strategies near expiries you may run a risk of options becoming in the money and that is dangerous as you will either need to give delivery or take delivery.

Q. What is the Return and max DD of this model ?

A. The yearly return (without compounding) is 144% and the maximum DD is 30%.

Q. What is the fee of the webinar and will recording be available?

A. The Fee of the webinar is Rs. 7,500 if you register for a live webinar. All the registered participants will be shared the recording within 2 days of webinar.

Q. Is it different from fractal and alligator strategy taught on LearnApp  & ElearnMarkets ?

A. Yes it is different. Learnapp Alligator strategy has element of discretion and BOS is complete rule based.

Q. Can I trade with this strategy using any Trading account or a specific trading account is required?

A. You can use any account to trade manually however if you want to automate it using disciplined trader than in that case you need to have an account with Zerodha/Fyers. Although you can trade it manually but you may face higher slippages.

Q. On what days of the week do we trade BOS ?

A. It’s traded on all days of the week.

Q. Will the stoploss vary daily ?

A. We will have a fixed stoploss.

Q. Zerodha has a trading restriction of buying deep OTM. Will this strategy be helpful?

A. We can’t develop strategies based on a broker specific issue but the strategy is on variable strike prices.

Q. Can I register directly for the algo without attending the webinar?

A. Yes, you can but preference will be given to those who have attended the webinar first.

Q. Can a beginner with no knowledge of indicators enroll for the webinar?

A. It requires minimal amount of technical analysis like candlestick chart and one momentum indicator.

Q. BOS recording will be available to live attendees?

A. Yes, the recording will be available to the attendees

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