TSS Strategy (Paid)

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess! – Ronald Coase

We believe in strategies based on Market observations backed by data. This Strategy is built on top of Near Expiry range analysis of Nifty.

Are you someone who is trading straddles and strangles and find manual strike adjustments very time consuming? Is strike adjustment the only way to be profitable over the long term? MarketScanner brings you a new TSS options trading strategy that requires no manual adjustment.

Webinar Contents

  • How to make a trading strategy?
  • A Complete Rule based options strategy
  • Defined risk in terms of stop-loss
  • Strategy backtested through various Bull and Bear Market cycles
  • Strategy Forward tested for last 4 months
  • Consistently profitable QOQ
  • How new Margin rules will affect the returns?

Backtested Results


Q. Is it Intraday or positional system?

A. It’s a purely intraday system

Q. What instrument is traded in this setup?

A. It’s a Nifty weekly option selling system where we buy deep OTM options to reduce the margin requirements.

Q. What’s the abbreviation for TSS?

A. The abbreviation for TSS is Trading Straddles and Strangles

Q. What is the difference between TSS and UOS?

There is a difference in which the spreads are made in both the systems. Also, there is a difference in the timing in which both the systems are traded.

Q. On what days do we trade this system?

A. Since option selling has an edge near to expiry so we trade this system on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Q. What is the slippage taken in the back test results?

A. We have taken 2% slippage to account for the slippages as well as cost incurred in the trading of this setup.

Q. What is the margin required to trade this setup?

A. It’s 4 lacs with deep OTM buy hedge trades

Q. What are the contents which will be shared as a part of the webinar?

A. The webinar video and the PowerPoint presentation will be shared with the participants

Q. Do we require any advanced software to execute the setup ?

A. No software or utility is required to trade the setup

 Q. Do we need an algo specifically to execute this setup?

A. The setup can be traded manually also. However, if your broker has a basket order feature than the manual execution will be even smoother.

Q. Is it a rule-based system that can be automated?

A. Yes, you can build an algo to trade this system.

Q. I am a working professional. Can I trade the setup without spending all day in front of the screen?

A. Yes, you can do that if you automate your software through an algo.

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